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Formerly known as Mi December Media, often we're hit with:"So where does the name Marlisle come from?" A question I'm asked all too often. I smile because it gives me the opportunity to not only explain it's namesake origin, but it also gives me the opportunity to share some comic relief from being their parent...a great icebreaker if you ask me.

The name Marlisle (pronounced Mar-Lyle) is a derivative of both my daughter (Marli) and my son (Isley). While I do hope they're both able to blaze their own unique trails, if they do decide to take over the family business, coming up with a name will be the least of their worries!

Now let's see, where was I...Oh! About me! For starters, I'm originally from Memphis, TN (and I do know where all of the good BBQ spots are!). At the time of this, I've lived in Knoxville for 15 years and I am now officially a Vol fan.

My journey into video started from my love of music...go figure. But it all culminated once I moved to Knoxville, which by and large is a film town. Home to Scripps Network, among others, Knoxville is chocked full of overwhelming talent, so I realize Im in good company here, and I've had the opportunity to work along side some of Knoxville's biggest and brightest stars.

I could go on and on, but you're probably here to learn more about what I can offer you because you, just like countless others have a vision they want told. Whether it be something that allows you personally to talk to your audience, or you'd like to use visuals, I'm sure I can help.

That being said, take a look around, and if you see something that pique's your interest, and would like to explore it further, Im only a few strokes away!

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